X100 Case Mod

I like old stuff, vintage, old-school style. I like relic electric guitars. I like old cameras and such that look like old cameras - as do the Fujifilm X-Series cameras. The Fujifilm X100 (and X100S, X100T) absolutely meet my personal taste, but the official leather case for it just looked way too clean and new to me. I have a collection of vintage analog cameras and while they are all in very good shape, their cases give away their age and history. I needed to do something with my brand new Fujifilm case. Here's what I did and what you can do if you like this new old look.

  1. Cover the entire case with a thick layer of Nivea Cream and left it for 90 minutes.
  2. Wipe off the cream making sure nothing is left. The leather will be a lot softer now while still being fully intact offering the same protection to your camera
  3. Crumple the case! If you have a big dog, let it chew on it (just kidding but you get the picture). Put it to every possible abuse you could think of, scratching the edges.

That's it! You now have a case that perfectly matches the vintage look of your camera.

I know that this isn't everyone's thing and that some might think why on earth I "ruined" a 150$ leather case. In my eyes, I didn't ruin it but gave it a unique, vintage look. Let's not argue about taste.

I also modified the strap as it was too long and the loose ends didn't look good. Again, this is my personal taste and I am sure that opinions will differ.